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Nightlife review

Today Ive endured stupid bus drivers,being hit by a bag AND by a crutch-maniac.Dont ask me me..its a long story.
But here it review for...

Night life by Caitlin Kittredge

Yes its an gritty urban fantasy with werewolves.
I became interested in it after reading the excerpt.And the title was nifty.

But after 100+pages into it i could hardly finish it.
Full of words like "hex me" "for hex sake" and so on transformed it into whats terrible about most urban fantasy novels.

And I could feel no chemistry between Luna and Dmitri.Yes it was written how much they were attracted to each other but I didnt FEEL that they really were. And the sex scene made me shudder(not in a good way mind you) Im not a prude,but this scene creeped me out.Big time.

The mystery isnt that interesting either...I kind of lost track of it in the midst of all the "scenting" and whatnot.It seemed like the mystery was a kind of aftertough on the authors behalf.

But I cant discommend it..beacause I do believe there are people out there who will like it.
These are the people who enjoys reading books by Laurell Hamilton,Kim Harrison or Lilith Saintcrow.

Sadly ms Kittredge, I do not believe our paths will cross again.I had hopes for your work.

For my urban fantasy needs Ill just have to wait for Kelley Armstrongs "Personal demon" to come out later this month.
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