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A most dangerous woman

One fine day I came upon a series of books called "Silent in the.." by an author named Deanna Raybourn.Great! I thought an historical fiction with a female sleuth to boot.This can not be bad in any way.
...Well it was so-so. (review coming up) I gave up my hopes for finding another Victorian Era Lady Sleuth Book

Until I found "A most dangerous woman"  by LM Jackson

A mysterious woman called Sarah Tanner opens up a coffee house in a place Leather  Lane.No one knows where she comes from but she seems to have a PAST(thats in capital letlm jacjsonters folks)

Not soon after she is recognized  by an old friend,who hardly makes it out of the door before he is murdered. Even if it means she has to face old foes and other dickensian london obstacles.Like a Victorian female crime boss and her henchmen and other villains from the London underworld.

Sarah Tanner is a bit unconventional,but she feels real within the era that she lives in.And while she isnt  from exactly upper class or working class she knows how to act both downstairs and upstairs.The other characters both villains supporting character feels real and substantial . 

The mystery is quite good  and well thought out,as I didnt figure out  who was the culprit until the protagonist did and even then youre in for some twists and turns in the plot.

Its a historical fiction,with a mystery and a spunky heroine.Whats not to like?  

Ps.Book 2 in the series just came out.Ill review it as soon has ive read it.

Tags: historical fiction book mystery victoria
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