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The Hollow Kingdom

The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B Dunkle

Kate and her little sister Emily are orphans in the Regency era who are sent to live with their distant relatives.They settle in but it doesnt feel like a home to them.

One day they get lost and night falls before they can find their way home.But luckily they happen upon a band of what they think are gypsies who help them home.But they arent gypsies at all...theyre not even human.

It turns out there are goblins in the neighbourhood and their king has been smitten with Kate. She isnt exactly happy with the prospect of becoming his bride.And she intends to fight him all the way.

But when her sister is kidnapped she has no one else to turn to but the goblin king,Marak.

Some may be put off by the idea of abduction (I´d know i´d be) But I was so immersed in the book that I found myself not caring,it was fun to find out how Kate thwarted the goblin king,and to find out more of the goblins world and culture.Goblin revenge sure isnt something to be trifled with.Youll know why after you read the book.

But even though there is a romance in this book dont except much kissing and so on.Its implied but never shown.In that way it reminded me about Jane Austens novels. Its an YA after all and dont worry there is a HEA too.

This is the first in a trilogy.
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