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The Changeover by Michelle Mahy

I first read The Changeover when i was oh,about 14 or so,but its still a terrific read even if it was written in the mid 80s.It has aged well.

Laura is a a 14 year old girl who lives with her younger brother and her quirky single mother. Her life is ordinary until the day her brother is stamped with the image of a horrible man.Her brothers soon becomes very sick and has to be admitted to the hospital,but the doctors are clueless to what has caused is his sickness. Laura turns to Sorry, an older, intriguing boy who she believes to be a witch. Will he be able to help her? 

You can relate very well to how Laura feels,you can really feel how hard it is to be a teenager.Especially if youre surrounded by dark forces.

Sorry isnt your usual standard love-interest thats very prevalent in YA.He is strange and a little bit ambigous.For example he doesnt rush to Laura´s rescue at once.She has to convince him to help her.Does it sound strange? Well if you read the book youll get what I mean.


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