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Mother Earth Father Sky Brother Wind

 This is a trilogy(Mother Earth Father Sky,Brother Wind,My Sister the Moon)

It takes places 9000 years ago

Mother Earth Father Sky

Chagak is the only survivor of her clan,who has been massacred by an enemy clan.She finds an old man who takes her in as a daughter,but soon theyre disturbed by a cruel warrior from the clan that killed her people.She must use all her wits to try and rid them of their foe.

Brother Wind

Kiin is born a girl and therefore useless to her father,he is just about to set her out to die when the leader of the tribe steps in an announces she will be his sons future wife.As Kiin grows up she falls in love with the leaders son,,,just not the right one. 

Not long after she is wed to her betrothed she is kidnapped by her evil brother and sold to a faraway clan.Her husband and everyone of their clan thinks she had an accident and died.

Kiin has the talent to carve things out of bone and tree,work only allowed to shamans and men Because of this and that she is pregnant she is given as a wife to a shaman,who believes she will strenghten his powers.

 When she gives birth to twins,Kiin is given a choice:kill one of them. Since one of the twins surely is evil.Kiin of course cannot do this,and the only way out is escape.Now begins a long and dangerous journey back home.

This is the story of survival,love and feminism.

The women in this series starve,get raped,falls in love,but despite it all emerge from it as stronger women. Kiin for example has a stutter due to the bad treatment she gets from her father and brother.But she obtains selfworth as a carver and trhough her inner strenght

Im sure this probably is listed as romance novels,but theyre really gripping reads and theres nothing trivial over their ordeals.
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